Created in 1993 as the first Internet Service Provider in South East Europe, BITS lasted for 6 years but was finally taken over by serbian police/political mafia in 1999.

Original founders were Dusan Tatomirovic and companies Digit, Belgrade and Mikronova, Novi Sad.

During it's existence BITS helped create a number of other ISPs, of which the following are still in operation:

PANET - in Pancevo, Vojvodina

INTERNET CRNE GORE - National ISP in Montenegro


In early 1999, co-founder of the largest ISP in Belgrade, Mr. Radoslav Stankovic admitted that BITS and it's experience was instrumental in forming EUNET.

Although our motto was that "Quest for information does not have to end like this" - artfully depicted on those ads and posters by Rastko Ciric - only after the hostile takeover did we realize the irony of the message!